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Apply/Degree Requirements

To Apply to the Composition program, incoming first-year students must:

  1. Apply to Boise State University
  2. Apply to the undergraduate music program by auditioning on a primary instrument/voice. Audition requirements can be found here. You must complete a successful audition and gain acceptance into a performance studio on a primary instrument/voice in order to enroll in the music composition program.
  3. Submit a portfolio of creative work (see below) and schedule an interview via email with Dr. Alexander on your audition day.

Currently enrolled Boise State Music Students may apply to the composition program by submitting the Composition Portfolio.

Admission Requirement: Composition Portfolio

Prospective students must submit a portfolio of 2-7 original acoustic, electroacoustic/electronic, or multimedia compositions. Acoustic works must be submitted as a professionally notated and bound score with either a live recording or a midi mockup. Electroacoustic/electronic and multimedia works may be submitted in an appropriate format (DVD, CD, YouTube/Vimeo link, etc.). All musical styles are welcome, though the focus of the departmental curriculum is on composing concert music for classical and jazz performers and ensembles and for various electronic media.

 Criteria for portfolio and interview include:

  1. evidence of and potential for significant artistic and musical growth
  2. creativity and originality
  3. demonstrate skill and interest in music theory, music history, and contemporary music
  4. knowledge of compositional mediums and tools pertinent to student’s current work, including:
  • orchestration (range, color, timbre, texture, etc.)
  • notation
  • software/technology (Ableton, Max/MSP, Logic, Pro Tools, etc.)

If you have any questions or concerns about the portfolio requirement, or you are interested in learning more about the composition program, please don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Eric Alexander.

Bachelor of Music (B.M.) Degree in Composition
Degree Checklist
Suggested Course Sequence

If you have any questions about the structure and content of the undergraduate composition degree program please contact Dr. Eric Alexander.