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Audition Requirements


Positions for the Fall 2018 – Spring 2020 Graduate String Quartet are closed.

Future Members

All candidates must audition for the Boise State University Department of Music and be approved by the Music Director of the Boise Philharmonic. Candidates must be qualified for and be admitted to the Master of Music degree, with Emphasis in Performance or Music Education. Admitted students are encouraged to perform an additional audition for the Boise Philharmonic Audition Committee in Fall 2018 for the potential in obtaining an official substitute position or an official section chair, depending on openings.

Audition Requirements

A. Apply to the Graduate College. Acceptance into either one of the Master’s Degree Emphasis Areas at Boise State (Performance or Music Education) as a member of the Graduate Scholarship Quartet presupposes performing ability by the candidate at the senior performance major level.

B. Apply to the Department of Graduate Studies in Music. Two of your three letters of recommendation should come from teachers, chamber music professionals, conductors etc. who will support your scholarship quartet candidacy.

C. Perform an audition:

a) Three movements from contrasting periods of music. Memorization is highly recommended in all but sonatas.

b) The following prepared orchestral excerpts:

Download here:

A. Violin

B. Viola

C. Cello